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Dogs are not a dime

February 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My dog Shadow died yesterday. It has been heartbreaking to say the least. I was thinking today why is it we get so attached to our pets? It got me to thinking about my son's death as well and how painful it is to go through each day without him. It hit me as I sat there watching our other dogs play why it is we feel such grief, a grief some may not understand, when we lose a pet.

If you had a handful of dimes and you lost one on your way back to the car from the store you may not even stop to pick it up. It's just a dime. However if that dime was an 1897 dime, you would be heartbroken and you wouldn't stop until you found it. Why? Because an 1897 dime is one of the rarest dimes there is. And that's when it hit me why it's so painful to lose a pet, or person for that matter. They are unique! Life creates uniqueness. The more unique something is the more pain we feel when we loose it. Not because of it's monetary value, but because of the fact of its uniqueness. There will never be another Shadow. Someone that has never owned a dog may think, "why doesn't he just get another black Schnauzer? They're a dime a dozen." But the fact is there isn't another Shadow and never will be. Shadow was unique and I will never have another companion like her. And it is that fact that hurts the most. The more unique our pets are the more pain there is when we lose them. Dogs are not dimes.


Rest in peace precious girl.  You are loved beyond measure.  You brought us tremendous love and happiness and you will forever be missed.  Heaven gained a special angel.  I hope your body is healed and you are free from heart disease, allergies and illness.  We love you precious baby girl.  RIP Shadow baby.  


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