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Donating to animal shelters and rescues

June 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Ask any animal shelter or rescue how important donations are to them and you will quickly find out they desperately need them to function. Unfortunately many shelters have limited resources and are overflowing with an excessive amount of homeless animals, shortage of funds, supplies and help.

Please help us get to 1000 Andy's Paw Prints Facebook likes before the end of June!  Why?  Because we give back to help shelters and rescue!  Help us grow our Andy's Paw Prints Facebook page to raise awareness that we give back a portion of our profits "every single time" someone orders from us. How important are donations to our shelters and rescues?  We think it is very important and we are doing everything we can to make a difference.  

So please like our Andy's Paw Prints Facebook page and help us share our mission to help homeless animals.  By liking our page we encourage you to cheer on your shelter or rescue each time you see their name come up on our page.  Each time someone purchase a print we post a before and after image along with the name of the shelter or rescue that benefited from the purchase.  Like our page so you can help us cheer for your shelters or rescues each time they get a donation!

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