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Things to know about Andy's Paw Prints and the creators

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Tim and I have dedicated our life to helping others.  Through Andy's Paw Prints we donate 25% of our profits to help animals and organizations that help them.  It is something we are both extremely passionate about.  We have 4 dogs that are rescues and love each of them and have always grown up with animals in our families.
Many of you probably do not know that we also have another business called Tim Wemple Photography & Assoc. which operates much in the same way.  We donate 25% of the profits from our Fine Art Landscape art work to help organizations that help people.  This includes but is not limited to Hospice, Autism, Children's Homes, Military and Veteran organizations, Food Banks, Missions, etc.  Our artwork can be purchased as is or can be customized with a saying, date, verse, poem, etc. to remember that special moment or  person.  
Our artwork makes a great gift for adorning your walls or as a memorial image, graduation, housewarming, retirement, birth or just to say I was thinking of you.
We believe our art work speaks to the heart.  It connects a person to a place in time, a memory or reflection and gives them some hope and peace in what they are going through.  
In 2011 Tim lost his son to Brain Cancer at the young age of 27.  It was a life changing event for us and we knew we wanted to do something to give back and bless others in their times of hardships.  
In 2011 our town of Joplin, Missouri was rocked by a catastrophic EF5 tornado killing 161 people and was ranked the 7th deadliest in US History.  Our local Humane Society took in more than 1,300 homeless animals after the tornado.  
We are not a big company.  We are two people who work other jobs but are dedicated to making a difference for things in our lives that are important. We give generously of our time creating time pieces that trigger emotions and give back to help animals and people in need.  
Please take a moment and check us out at:
Andy's Paw Prints Facebook:
Andy's Paw Prints website :
Tim Wemple Phototography Facebook:
Tim Wemple Photography website:
If you know of a shelter, rescue or organization that would like to partner with us do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We are an internet based business so location is not an issue.  We partner and ship worldwide!
Thank you,
Tim and Sherry Wemple


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